A 72-year-old and her siblings are being evicted by the council from their family home of 51 years.

Maureen Dodding, of Copper Mill Lane in Walthamstow, still lives in the home she shared with her parents when she was in her 20s.

She now lives there with her 59-year-old brother Ken and 67-year-old sister Rosemary, along with her nephew Shaun.

The property, owned by Waltham Forest Council, was originally assigned to Ms Dodding’s father who then signed it over to her mother, but her mother died 17 years ago.

Ms Dodding informed the council of her mother’s death at the time to make it aware of the change in circumstances.

But now, almost two decades later, Waltham Forest Council is attempting to evict Ms Dodding and her siblings from their home as it says they are not eligible for discretionary succession and therefore cannot remain in the property.

Ms Dodding, who has been left distressed by the situation, said: “They’re trying to blame us now. They’re so secretive, they talk to you like you’re nothing. They haven’t done anything to help.

“At a meeting on August 22, they spoke to us terribly. We’ve never missed a rent payment.

“What can I do, it’s all a bit too late.”

Ms Dodding has also lost one of her brothers and her second brother was in and out of hospital earlier this year.

She said she felt “terrible” about the whole situation.

It is not clear why the council has chosen to attempt the eviction so many years after Ms Dodding’s mother’s death.

But, in spite of their age, the council said Ms Dodding and her siblings are not eligible for any leeway in the situation.

A council spokesperson confirmed: “The current tenants don’t meet the council’s criteria for a discretionary succession.

“We will be contacting them to discuss and assess their housing needs.”

Ms Dodding said she has been in contact with the council about the issue for the last six months. She has received a number of letters from the council and had several meetings with its staff.

She said she is expecting a letter setting out the exact date she will need to leave the property by.