A nurse who had never helped at a birth before successfully delivered a baby in a hospital car park.

At 4.45 am on Sunday August 11, Nurse Josie Larkin, 27 heard a desperate voice coming from the car park at the hospital’s drop off zone. She found a mum in labour, along with security and her hysterical husband.

Josie said: “The Maternity team had been called, but the baby's head was already out so there was no time and no way could we move her.

“Her husband was hysterical so I was supporting her and comforting him – and I was petrified myself! She had a contraction just after I reached them, which pushed the baby out into my hands, he was really slippery!

“He didn’t cry at first, however, after I picked him up and rubbed his back he did start to cry. It was an amazing experience. I’ve not had children myself and have no midwifery experience. I’d never seen a natural delivery and I always wanted to - watching Call the Midwife got me ready for it!”

Josie is a clinical and bed site manager and had no previous experience of helping at births, but says that it was always her ambition. She talked about how the experience made her feel:

“It was exciting and chaotic, the new father was in shock so I congratulated them and left them to get used to being a new family. It was amazing and I was so happy I could be there to help.”