It was great news recently to learn that the cows could be coming back to Wanstead Park.

I am one of those old enough to remember when the cows used to roam freely across the park and Wanstead Flats from the spring to the autumn. Leave the front gate open and they'd be in, munching the bushes and plants.

The cows went a few decades ago but now they are set to return. Only this time they will be in a much more controlled area. The latest technology enables a border to be put in the ground, with a collar on the cow that stops them going outside the defined area.

So the cows will not be roaming on the roads or elsewhere. The reintroduction of the cows will see them keeping the vegetation down by natural means.

A less welcome development is the planned music festival on the Aldersbrook side of Wanstead Flats. Many locals would hope there might be some similar technology available to keep the estimated 50,000 festival revellers away from the important habitats, such as where the skylarks dwell on the Flats.

The Park and Flats represent a vital ecological site, where migrant birds come through on a daily basis. Last year, visits from rare species like the rustic bunting drew in birders from across the country.

The Wren Group has made a powerful representation as to the danger that a festival of the type proposed could do to vital habitats. I fully support their concerns.

There are other questions such as transport infrastructure and fire risk but these are questions to be raised by the likes of the fire service and Transport for London

What is difficult to reconcile is how on the one hand the Corporation of London takes an action that is very much in tune with the natural heritage of the park, such as bringing back the cows. But at the same time it seeks to bring an event to the Flats that is totally out of keeping with the character and natural heritage of the area.

What is for sure is that local people and organisations demand to be heard. The Corporation of London seems to be be prepared to hear these concerns, though it remains to be seen if it really is listening.