A one-eyed French Bulldog who loves footwear and car rides is seeking a new home.

'Ugly Betty', who is believed to be around eight years old, was first brought into the Essex South RSPCA branch last month.

Alongside her missing eye, the canine suffers from several medical issues including Cushing’s Disease and frequent toilet visits.

Despite all this, the RSPCA have described Ugly Betty as: “Her character is steady and chilled. She doesn't particularly seek attention and isn't into being too cuddly at the moment.

“But she has likely been feeling unwell with her condition since her arrival into foster care.”

The pooch’s favourite pass times include hiding socks and flip flops under her bed and car journey’s most recently enjoying a visit down to Leigh-on-Sea.

Staff also said that Frenchie will need regular blood checks to stabilise her hormone levels which should help control her bladder better and reduce puppy pad usage overnight.

“Direct access to a private secure garden is a must for her,” stated the South Essex RSPCA branch. “She does need to pee a lot currently but does go to the door to let you know; at night she has used puppy pads.”

Anyone wanting to adopt Betty must meet the following criteria; direct access to a privately secure garden, around for most of the day and similar sized dog pal.

“She adores her current beau 'Wilbur' a disabled dog, they love to play gently and snuggle under blankets together, they're completely adorable.” a RPSCA spokesman added.

The animal charity said it would cover medication costs for Ugly Betty's care for the first three months while she is still stabilising.

Despite her age and medical condition, Ugly Betty can comfortably enjoy a 30-minute walks each day.

Families with children of secondary school age will also be considered and cat owners will not be allowed.

“It is a big ask to take on a dog with a medical condition, so please do ensure you have a read about Cushing’s


.” The RSPCA said.

If you feel you can offer Ugly Betty a brand new home and meet her needs, medically and financially please complete an online form at