A police officer is suspected to have a broken nose after breaking up a fight outside a musical festival.

A fight between two groups of youths nearby Chingfest, Chingford, caused a police officer to be struck to the face as she attempted to intervene at 6:53pm on August 31.

The fight took place near the free family music festival organised by Waltham Forest Council, outside the Parkside Centre, Peel Close.

A Metropolitan Police spokesperson said: “Officers intervened to separate the groups and stop any fight. A female officer aged in her thirties was struck to the face as she attempted to intervene.

“She was taken to hospital for the treatment of a suspected broken nose. No arrests have been made. Enquiries are ongoing.”

A day after, Met Police commander Kyle Gordon tweeted about the incident.

In response to a tweet criticising Mr Gordon’s message, claiming he implies that an assault against a police officer should be considered a “freebie”, Mr Gordon clarified his thoughts.

Named as 2019’s London Borough of Culture, Waltham Forest Council made sure its annual one-day festival to be its biggest yet. Soul singer NAO, with her unique ‘wonky funk’ sound - mixing soul, electronic music, funk and R&B – headlined the stage, performing alongside many other next generation artists.

A spokesperson from Waltham Forest Council said: “We are aware of an incident that occurred towards the end of the event involving a police officer. No members of the public were injured and this was dealt with quickly and brilliantly by the local police.

“Over 15,000 local residents attended Chingfest 2019, supporting an incredible line up of emerging local talent, headlined by NAO. The event was positively received by audiences, with the vast majority of those attending peacefully enjoying a family-friendly event.”