Concerned residents were invited to discuss plans for an extra 40,000 flights per year from London City Airport, but the meeting has been postponed.

The meeting was due to be held at Redbridge Central Library in Clements Road on Thursday Sep 5 from 6pm until 8pm and involve talks on all things to do with the expansion plans.

Exact details of when and where the meeting will be held instead have not yet been released.

Wanstead councillors and Leyton and Wanstead MP John Cryer have already made representations against the proposals after residents were not invited to consultation meetings held by the airport team earlier this year.

Current plans mean there could be more than 110 extra flights per day both to and from the airport, and the currently agreed 24-hour period over the weekend which sees no flights from the airport would be scrapped.

Tim Halley, London City City Airport’s director of infrastructure and planning was expected to attend to talk with residents and councillors about their concerns.

Cllr Paul Donovan, Labour councillor for Wanstead Village ward, welcomed the news that airport representatives had agreed to meet with residents.

He said: “Growing noise pollution and concerns about the impact of aviation on the planet are constant themes that come up in this area.

“Whilst much of Wanstead has remained green and pleasant over recent years, one major change has been the growing noise pollution coming from ever more planes above our heads. They also contribute emissions into the atmosphere.

“Bringing even more flights and pollution to the area is not welcome – if anything the number of flights should be reducing.”

Cllr Donovan added he believes the aviation industry has not done “anything like as much” as motor manufacturers to address the “devastation caused by their products”.

He said: “Why should we meekly sit below whilst above our heads the noise pollution grows and the air gets dirtier. This expansion plan is a step too far.”