A café has been issued an emergency hygiene prohibition order due to a cockroach infestation found in latest inspection.

Well Foods Café, on High Road, Leyton, which was given a food hygiene notice on August 28, is shut down after an inspection by the Waltham Forest Food Safety Team found unsatisfactory hygiene conditions.

The order to close the restaurant was granted at Highbury Magistrates Court on September 4, as £1,022.26 was awarded to the council due to the food safety violation.

The original notice stated that the inspection had found a very poor structural condition of the site, poor standards of routine cleaning, a filthy kitchen with significant risk of food contamination and a cockroach infestation.

Since the inspection, the hygiene emergency prohibition notice initially issued for the restaurant to temporarily close before the probation order to shut down the restaurant came through.

East London and West Essex Guardian Series: The notice issued at the restaurant after cockroaches were found. Credit: UGCThe notice issued at the restaurant after cockroaches were found. Credit: UGC

After the notice was put up, a concerned resident pointed out that another sign was put up possibly by the property owners stating it was ‘closed for refurbishment’.

One resident, Mr Filby, said that residents and local businesses in the area are “sick of the low standards of hygiene that has now become the norm.”

August saw many other closures of restaurants around the High Road with similar conditions, including BBQ Xpress and Oasis Minimart.