The Government today announced a target of more than 1,400 new police officers on the streets of London in its first round of national police funding.

The Prime Minister promised in July to put 20,000 more police on the beat across the country.

And the Government today set targets to recruit 6,000 officers nationally by the end of the next financial year.

The Metropolitan Police will receive funding for 1,369 new officers and the City of London Police 44, under Home Office plans.

But Sadiq Khan said the target for London did not go far enough, and more officers are needed to combat high levels of violent crime in the capital.

He said: “While these additional officers are welcome and absolutely necessary to tackle violent crime, this represents only a very partial reversal of the huge Government cuts to the Met Police since 2010.

“I have been clear that London needs at least 2,000 of the additional 6,000 officers promised nationally next year, and sadly we are set to get funding for many fewer officers than that.

“I will keep pushing the Government to go further and faster in reversing their cuts so that we can properly tackle violent crime.”

The Mayor’s comments echo those of the Metropolitan Police Federation, which says the capital will need 6,000 of the 20,000 additional officers promised over the next three years.

Following the current Government formula, the Met will only receive funding for around 4,500 new police in total.

Liberal Democrat assembly member Caroline Pidgeon agreed that slow response times, uninvestigated crimes and rising rates of violence were evidence that more police are needed in the capital.

She said: “Recruiting more police officers is desperately needed and the Government’s announcement is a recognition that it was an error to cut policing budgets so severely.

“While the announcement is a good start I fear we need far more ambitious recruitment to ensure that community policing is really strengthened in every part of London and that this is not just keeping up with officers leaving the force.”

But Conservative assembly member Susan Hall said the Mayor was a “hypocrite” to complain about the funding allocation when he could have spent more on policing himself.

She said: “Boris acts quickly while Sadiq Khan drags his feet. Sadiq promised more officers in February last year and didn’t start recruiting until September.

“Boris is in office six weeks, announced 20,000 police and started recruiting immediately.”

She added: “Sadiq Khan wastes money left right and centre when he should be putting more police on the streets. How dare he?”

The London Assembly Conservative group say the Mayor could have funded 1,368 more police for London from his own budget if he cut spending on culture, GLA staff and Mayoral PR company London & Partners.