A gang member who ran a drugs line from prison while awaiting trial for a ‘ride-out’ against a rival gang has been jailed for 15 years.

Daniel Fakoya, of Walthamstow, ran the drugs line while remanded without bail and awaiting trial for an attempted attack on a rival gang in December of last year.

Fakoya, 19, a member of the Priory Court gang, drove a stolen car into the territory of the Mali Boys gang in Leyton High Road.

Fakoya and two other men, armed with a gun, a long knife and ammonia, jumped from the car and chased four members of the Mali Boys.

The four boys ran into an off-licence and locked themselves into a backroom, eluding Fakoya who gave up the chase.

Fakoya attempted to flee in his car but took a corner too quickly and crashed, narrowly missing pedestrians.

He ran from the scene, but officers identified him from blood on the airbag.

A loaded handgun was found in the footwell of the driver’s seat.

While awaiting trial from prison, Fakoya ran a drugs line.

He was caught and 80 wraps of cocaine were found in his cell after officers recorded prison phone calls, detailing the drug network.

Paul Jenkins, senior crown prosecutor, said: “The many offences for which Fakoya was found guilty of illustrate the true extent of his involvement in the criminal underworld, despite his young age.

“Fakoya is a member of a dangerous criminal gang and set out on that evening to cause someone some really serious harm. His removal from London’s streets will make the capital a safer place.”

Fakoya previously pleaded guilty to aggravated vehicle taking and was found guilty by a jury of eight other counts, including conspiracy to possess a firearm, conspiracy to cause grievous bodily harm and conspiracy to supply controlled drugs.

He was sentenced, on Friday, October 11, to 15 years in prison, with three years extended licence, at Snaresbrook Crown Court.