I have lived in Wanstead for more than 30 years and love the area. The recent Wanstead Festival and Fringe events demonstrate the community feel and support we enjoy in our neighbourhood and the pride that residents feel living in such an amazing place.

I am wondering who can help improve the Christmas decorations and lighting in Wanstead. Every year we have a very lame offering around the tube station and on the High Street and the blue lights on our lovely Christmas tree just don’t look attractive (white would be the better choice). I think everyone agrees that the current illuminations on the lampposts are underwhelming, to be generous and most people feel they are barely noticeable and lack Christmas appeal!

I recently drove through Leyton at night and they have white fairy lights in the trees alongside the park. I remember we used to have similar lights at Christmas in the trees outside The George and opposite the Co-op at Christmas, which looked so pretty and festive, I think they were dotted along the trees right through to Snaresbrook parade. I believe that creating a more Christmassy feel would attract more people into the area and generate more income for local businesses which is a council priority. I feel sure that many of these businesses and residents would be happy to contribute to, and support, a better lighting offering on and around the High Street, and that the council may be able to help fund this. In turn I would predict businesses would also go the extra mile with their window decorations.

I have noticed Epping has a wonderful High Street display and many of the London villages become shopping destinations and I would love to see Wanstead up there too. We could host a Christmas market which would be equally as successful as the farmers markets/makers markets and vintage fairs we currently hold.

Please let me know your thoughts and suggestions about how we can make this happen.

Diana Watson

By email