The London Assembly will pause its investigation into Boris Johnson’s relationship with model-turned-businesswoman Jennifer Arcuri.

The Independent Office of Police Conduct (IOPC) has asked the Assembly to suspend its enquiry while it considers investigating the Prime Minister.

This is because competing enquiries could prejudice the IOPC’s decision on the matter.

Mr Johnson was close friends with Ms Arcuri during his second term as Mayor.

The American tech entrepreneur repeatedly refused to deny that she had an affair with the Prime Minister in an interview earlier this month.

But Mr Johnson did not disclose their relationship to the Greater London Authority during his time as Mayor – despite the fact that Ms Arcuri received thousands of pounds from City Hall’s promotional agency London & Partners.

The businesswoman also attended overseas trade trips with Mr Johnson – despite not meeting the criteria for a delegate.

Now the London Assembly wants to know if the Prime Minister gave her preferential treaement while he was Mayor.

But Len Duvall, chairman of the GLA Oversight Committee, said the Assembly respected the IOPC’s remit and would not stand in its way.

Speaking at the committee meeting today (Wednesday) he said: “We are very clear around this table that we have rights and responsibilities and powers to investigate in a much wider role about the potential actions or any allegations against any Mayor, previous or now.”

He added: “We are very clear that we have that power, and we refute anyone who suggests otherwise.

“However it is right that we should not jeopardise any other investigation taking place and that’s why we will pause our activities now and they will resume at the appropriate time.”

But Mr Duvall said that “certain people should be on notice that the Assembly may well be knocking on their door sometime soon”.