I am wondering whether many of today’s problems might not be negated with consideration shown towards each other. Good manners are in very short supply by all ages, from those in Parliament to us mere mortals going about our daily business.

Mothers who block the pavement with their buggies with never a word of apology to us “oldies” who have to move into the road, people who step straight off the pavement concentrating on their mobiles and not acknowledging drivers who stop to save them from harm, up to those worthies voted into positions of trust and responsibility.

If we could only say the occasional “thank-you” or “sorry” with a well meant smile, we could all feel more cared about and caring; and perhaps some (and I am prepared to agree only some) of today’s troubles would seem easier.

MPs should measure more carefully just what they say by way of reply and reproach, instead of the snarling and insults exchanged in so-called debates between members who have had good educations and presumably been shown how to behave in a decent way by their elders in childhood.

Come on, admit it, don’t you feel better for a smile given and exchanged with your fellow man?

Sandra Carter

Hillcrest Road, Loughton