A motorbike rider who caused the death of an elderly man as he crossed the road has been jailed.

Daynolin Reddy 31, of Mayfield Road, Walthamstow, was imprisoned for two and a half years and banned from driving for four years on Monday, November 25.

Reddy struck 82 year-old Dennis Piper on Cambridge Road, Harlow at around 4.30pm on October 3, 2017.

Mr Piper had just finished having lunch with his wife and daughter and had been crossing the road to return to the hotel where his daughter was staying.

He was taken to hospital with multiple injuries but, sadly, died later that night.

Reddy’s trial heard how witnesses saw his blue and white Suzuki perform a ‘wheelie’ manoeuvre as he pulled away from traffic lights shortly before the collision.

While no directly linked to the collision, officers stated this showed his mindset.

During interview, the 31 year-old told officers he had seen three people crossing the road, had braked, and moved towards the kerb thinking they would stop to allow him to pass.

He also denied pulling the ‘wheelie’ but did admit his front wheel had lifted off the ground as he had accelerated.

He denied a charge of causing death by dangerous driving but was found guilty following a trial at Chelmsford Crown Court on Tuesday, October 29.

Investigating officer PC Heidi Lee, from the Serious Collision Investigation Unit, said: “Mr Piper had just finished a lunch with his family and was walking with his daughter back to the hotel where she was staying.

“Sadly, due to Daynolin Reddy’s actions he never made that journey and his family were robbed of a husband, father, and grandfather.

“His death was needless and completely avoidable.

“Reddy now faces time behind bars and I hope he uses that time to reflect on his actions.

“I hope this sentencing helps Mr Piper’s family to move forward.”