The father of a 19-year-old murdered in Walthamstow last year has paid tribute to his much-loved and “beautiful” boy.

Joseph William-Torres was killed in a case of mistaken identity in March 2018 when three gang members shot him, believing him to be a rival, while he was listening to music in a van.

Joseph’s father Tony, said: “Where do I even begin to try and tell you about our son who you have never had and never will have the pleasure of meeting.

“Our son’s life was taken because his killers thought he was somebody else. This is such a difficult thing for us to process and deal with.”

He added that the family had struggled with the assumptions people had made about Joseph, and what he was involved in, following the murder.

“When Joseph was murdered, people who do not know him and us formed opinions as to why this happened and what must he have done in order for this to happen to him”, he added.

“Our biggest loss is of course Joseph, he was so loved. He had the most beautiful personality and smile.”

On the day he was murdered, Joseph had been planning a 21st birthday trip to Sweden where a friend of his had family.

Tony added the family’s lives had been changed forever by Joseph’s murder, as he spoke of the pain he had suffered and how he had tried to stay strong for friends and family.

“Never before have I been sat somewhere and just broken-down crying, having no control of how this pain has affected me”, he said.

“I tried to keep it all in and to myself as I didn’t want to upset my family or anyone around me.

“I find myself sitting in silence and staring aimlessly into the distance, thinking to myself ‘why?’ What did we or Joseph do to deserve this dreadful thing to happen to us?

“What is so unfair is the accused’s families will still get to see them and any children they go on to have. Esther and I will never get to meet the grandchildren Joseph may have graced us with.

“When they took Joseph’s life, they didn’t consider how their selfish actions would affect, hurt and destroy so many people.

“No matter how much time passes our lives will never ever be the same. A part of our lives ended when they took our Joseph.”

Hamza Ul-Haq, 21, of Burden Way, Wanstead, Loic Nengese, 19, of Arkley Road, Walthamstow, and a 16-year-old boy from Hackney, all part of the same Walthamstow gang, were convicted on Monday, December 2 at the Old Bailey of killing Joseph Williams-Torres.