A runner with a learning disability has been given an award for his charity work and sporting achievements.

Christopher Reid, of Leyton, has been named in the Dimensions Autism and Disability Leaders List.

Launched in 2018, the it is the first national list celebrating achievements of people with learning disabilities and/or autism.

Chris was born with XYY syndrome which resulted in a learning disability. Held back two years in primary school but he says his troubles really started at secondary school where he was a victim of continuous bullying.

Chris also suffers from mental health issues - sometimes he has psychotic episodes which require medication and hospitalisation.

But he’s always itching to get out, to get back to running.

The 2012 Olympics were formative for Chris as a young boy. “Watching Mo Farah run, I knew then that I wanted to be a runner too,” he said.

“I joined Eton Manor running club and now I’m with Newham and Essex Beagles. I train hard, often very early, and last year I got an award – and some sponsorship – from the GLL Sports Foundation.”

Many of his runs are for people less fortunate than himself and over the past 6 years he’s raised £7,000 through running various distances, including a marathon.

He has raised £1,500 for a sensory garden for a school and £2,000 for ‘My Child Uganda.’

Actress and Dimensions Autism and Disability Leaders List supporter, Sally Phillips, known for playing Sophie in I'm Alan Partridge, said: “The wonderful list will, once again, highlight the remarkable achievements and contributions that people with learning disabilities and autism make to their communities.

“This year’s Leaders will help change public perceptions and inspire others to dream big – reminding us that everyone can make a difference.”