Less than a week to go before the nation heads to the polls to decide the country’s next government.

As part of our continuing election coverage, here is a round-up of every MP across the five constituencies the East London Guardian covers.

Chingford and Woodford Green

Conservatives – Iain Duncan Smith

The constituency’s MP since 1992, promises to “ get Brexit done and deliver democracy”.

Mr Duncan Smooth says securing £400 million to rebuild Whipps Cross hospital was the proudest moment of his political career and says it shows he will put the community’s needs at the heart of his work.

Labour – Faiza Shaheen

Ms Shaheen, who grew up locally, says she rejected a safe seat to fight to represent her home community.

She promises to invest in policing, youth services, mental health services, the NHS, and education.

On Brexit, Ms Shaheen says Labour will give residents a final say between a new “credible deal” and remain.

Liberal Democrats – Geoff Seeff

Mr Seeff says there is only “one issue in this election - Brexit.”

As a Lib Dem, he promises to remain in the EU.

He says the party will invest £50 billion, “the minimum loss of GDP over the coming five years under any form of Brexit”, to investment in sustainable economic regeneration.


Labour – Stella Creasy

Walthamstow’s MP since 2010, Ms creasy promises the area which has been her family home for over 20 years will always be her priority.

She promises to fight “Johnson’s hard Brexit” and to be a strong voice for healthcare services, a champion for schools, and an advocate for action against the climate emergency.

Conservative – Shade Adoh

Ms Adoh, a registered nurse, says one of her priorities would be working with residents to find “solutions to the unintended consequences caused by the Mini Holland scheme.”

She adds that she will be tough on crime and a strong defender of the NHS and schools.

Liberal Democrat – Meera Chadha

Ms Chadha says her main goal, apart from revoking Article 50, is to help residents lead happy, secure and fulfilling lives.

She promises to fight inequality, pollution, unaffordable rent and house price, and knife crime.

If made MP, she has pledged to work to cut carbon emissions by 75 per cent by 2030.

Green Party – Andrew Johns

Mr Johns says he will give “climate chaos the attention it demands.”

He says the Greens will invest £100 billion a year into “immediate and transformative” climate action and will build 100,000 new energy-efficient homes every year for social renting

Like his party, he backs a people’s vote on Brexit.

Brexit Party – Paul Campbell

Mr Campbell, an army veteran, is running as he does not trust politicians to deliver Brexit.

He says elected MP’s have “consistently ignored the democratic result of the referendum by delaying, stalling and doing anything possible as they do not want to leave, thus denying the will of the people.”

Christian Peoples Alliance – Deborah Longe

Ms Longe says she will “uphold democracy” and leave the EU as soon as possible.

Her main aim is to outlaw abortion entirely.

Her party has also pledged to grant £12,000 to people getting married for the first time and£6,000 when they have their first child.

Leyton and Wanstead

Labour – John Cryer

Even as a Eurosceptic, the “deadlock and division since 2016” has convinced Mr Cryer the only way to unite the country is a second referendum.

He says Labour will protect the NHS, reverse privatisations in the health service and “restore confidence in our most precious institution”.

Conservatives – Noshaba Khiljee

Dr Khiljee, an NHS consultant, pledges to use her expertise to help the NHS “continue to provide world-class healthcare”.

She has promised to fight for more police on the streets and better funding for the area’s schools.

Dr Khiljee believes with Brexit done the government fully focus on “improving people’s lives”.

Liberal Democrats – Benjamin Sims

Mr Sims thinks politics is currently “broken”.

He says both Labour and the Tories are “stuck in the past, failing time and again to deliver a better future.”

After stopping Brexit, his number one priority is the climate emergency. His party has pledged to “generate 80 per cent of our electricity from renewables by 2030.

Green Party – Ashley Gunstock

Mr Gunstock wants to hold other parties’ “lack of integrity” to account.

He says climate crisis is the number one issue facing voters.

Having lived in the area for 20 years, he believes he is more “connected” with its residents and political landscape than other candidates.

Brexit Party – Zulf Jannaty

Husband to a Spanish national, Mr Jannaty says “there is absolutely no contradiction between having a positive international outlook and wanting the UK to be independent and free of undemocratic EU political rule.”

He believes the “politics and the established parties of yesterday are no longer fit to serve us.”.

Independent – Henry Scott

The youngest candidate in Britain, having turned 18 in November, Mr Scott says he is running as the other candidates represent the views of the party and their leadership, not the wishes of regular people.

He would like to give something back to the people who made his upbringing possible and “who brought me to where I am today”.

Ilford North

Labour – Wes Streeting

MP for the constituency since 2015, Mr Streeting says he is proud of how he has fought for the community “every step of the way”.

He believes Brexit is sucking the life out of other issues, and while he says he has not ignored the result of the referendum, he believes the Brexit “must go back to the people”.

Conservatives – Howard Berlin

Mr Berlin says Ilford North residents deserve an MP “who will put them first, not their own career” and promises to help deliver Brexit immediately.

He says he cares deeply about the area in which he lives and despairs at the “decline and apparent neglect that now blights” the area.

Liberal Democrats – Mark Johnson

Mr Johnson, who would revoke Article 50, says public services are “in desperate need of extra funding”.

He believes the Lib Dems are the only party who will solve the housing crisis while keeping climate change and protecting the environment at the top of the agenda.

Green Party – David Reynolds

Mr Reynolds says his party will implement “progressive policies based on social justice”.

The manifesto includes a four-day working week and a People’s Vote the “excruciating Brexit saga”.

He says he will also campaign to halt airport expansion and reduce concentrated flight paths over Redbridge.

Brexit Party – Neil Anderson

Mr Anderson says he will deliver Brexit for the 53 per cent of the constituency which voted in 2016 to leave the EU.

He also pledges to fight to reduce crime and anti-social behaviour, improve the quality of healthcare services, increase rates of access to first-choice school places and invest in repairing roads.

Christian Peoples Alliance – Donald Akighbe

Mr Akighbe says he stands for “true religious freedom” and will campaign for parents to be allowed to opt children out of any lessons that are “in variance with their religious beliefs”.

We also promises to be strong on knife crime and says “prevention is better than a cure”.

Ilford South

Independent Group for Change – Mike Gapes

Mr Gapes has held the seat since 1992, however, having left Labour in February this year, he is now running for the Independent Group for Change.

A Labour party member for over 50 years, Mr Gaps insists he still has “real Labour values”. “I am real Labour, not Corbyn Labour”, he says.

Labour – Sam Tarry

Having lived in the area for 30 years, Mr Tarry says he knows what the community needs.

He has promised to fight to deliver free childcare, end homelessness, build affordable housing, and protect the NHS.

Mr Tarry also wants to reverse “devastating” cuts to youth services which he believes have driven up violent crime.

Conservatives – Ali Azeem

Born and raised in the area, Mr Azeem believes residents want a change from Labour.

He says, as “Ilford continues to decline” he will focus on increasing support and investment into the town and its residents.

Mr Azeem has promised to secure more funding for hospitals, police and schools.

Liberal Democrats – Ashburn Holder

Mr Holder says the “alarming rate” at which Ilford South has engendered a need to develop housing and infrastructure ecologically and sustainably.

He believes the Lib Dems will offer the Ilford South a “real choice and fresh chance” to be a better place to work and live.

Green Party – Rosemary Warrington

Ms Warrington believes the ultimate issue facing voters is the environment.

"If we cannot breathe the air or drink the water, then increasing shareholder values will not do any of us much good”, she says.

She also blames the current government for housing “failures” and pledges to increase the number of affordable homes being built.

Brexit Party – Munish Sharma

At 40 years old, Mr Sharma is entering politics for the first time after becoming “increasingly frustrated by the misleading promises and incompetence by politicians over the last few years”

“650 politicians had one job, to deliver Brexit, and they failed to do so”, he says.