An MP has labelled an opposing party ‘hate mongers’ after leaflets targeting her over abortion were posted around her constituency.

Labour candidate for Walthamstow, Stella Creasy, who has held the seat since 2010, described the Christian Peoples Alliance (CPA) leaflets as “disgusting and divisive”.

The leaflets target Ms Creasy over Labour’s pledge to decriminalise abortion in Britain, making it legal to have an abortion for any reason up to the birth of a child.

The CPA takes further aim at her for being an advocate of LGBTQ+ learning in schools.

Some of the statements on the leaflets have been translated into Arabic.

Ms Creasy said: “Just when you think some people can’t sink any lower.

“It’s a testament to Walthamstow and our local Muslim community that they have very firmly rejected this and told them all to go away.”

Walthamstow is one of the few constituencies in the UK where the CPA is fielding a candidate.

CPA candidate Deborah Longe says her two key pledges are to leave the EU as soon as possible and to “protect the unborn”.

Her election agent, Sid Cordle defended the leaflets which had drawn widespread condemnation on Twitter.

He said: “If you find the statements outrageous then you must find Stella Creasey's comments and voting record outrageous as indeed we do.”

Earlier this year Ms Creasy was the target of anti-abortion protest by the Centre for Bio-Ethical Reform UK (CBR UK).

The 42-year-old MP, who gave birth to her daughter Hettie last month, described the campaign as ‘harassment’ and reported CBR UK posters of an aborted foetus and the words “Stop Stella” to the police.