John Cryer says Labour has ‘gone backwards’ on a night of poor results and called for the party to get its anti-Semitism issues sorted.

Speaking after he was re-elected as the MP for Leyton and Wanstead, Mr Cryer said he was pleased with his own result but “genuinely gutted” with Labour’s overall performance.

Early results show Labour have lost numerous seats across the UK leading to Jeremy Corbyn announcing he will resign as Labour leader before the next election.

Mr Cryer, who has held his seat since 2010, won 28,836 votes, down from the 32,234 he secured in 2017.

Conservative Noshaba Khiljee came second with 8,028 votes while Liberal Democrat Benjamin Sims won 4,666 votes.

Ashley Gunstock of the Green Party won 1,804 votes, the Brexit Party’s Zulf Jannaty secured 785, while independent Henry Scott – Britain’s youngest candidate – received 427 votes.

Mr Cryer said: “As far as the result here is concerned, really pleased. The result in Leyton and Wanstead and across east London has been terrific, but at the same time I am really genuinely gutted that we have gone backwards by some way.

“There are certain things that we have got to address. One, for instance, is anti-Semitism. We are not going to move forward until we get that sorted and we have not done that in the past two years.

He added: “We have lost some really good Labour MPs and the communities that we represent are not going to get the help that they need from a Labour government, at least not for the foreseeable future.

“We have also got to try and unite the members. The Tories are going to be able to put through probably whatever Brexit they want and we have got to unite in holding this government to account and I think oddly enough actually there is a chance now to bring the Labour Party together."