Stella Creasy used her acceptance speech to to take aim at Christian Peoples Alliance for disseminating 'deeply distressing' leaflets.

Newly re-elected Walthamstow MP Stella Creasy was joined on stage by her two-week-old daughter Hettie.

The Labour MP was voted back into Parliament with 35,784 votes.

In her victory speech she said: "Walthamstow is not Gilead. Those candidates who spread lies are not welcome” – referencing leaflets posted around Walthamstow by the CPA (Christian Peoples Alliance).

She said the party, represented in Walthamstow by candidate Deborah Longe, who won 254 votes, had “undermined democratic process”.

Afterwards, she told the East London Guardian the leaflets targeting her stance on abortion and LBTQ+ learning in schools were “deeply distressing.”

She added: “I am very proud that I represent a community in which the CPA have lost their deposit and I have suggest that they should learn that we have the A406 road and use it and leave us and never come back.”

Candidates must pay a deposit of £500 which is only returned if they win 5 per cent of the vote share.

Defending the leaflets, Sid Cordle, Deborah Longe’s election agent, said: “If you find the statements outrageous then you must find Stella Creasey's comments and voting record outrageous as indeed we do.

Ms Creasy was the first member of parliament to be given maternity leave, with a locum MP providing cover for her in her constituency.