A distraught woman has offered a £2,000 reward for anyone who returns her missing cat.

Owner, Amanda, suspects a hole was kicked in her garden fence allowing Zorg the cat to escape from her home in Queen Elizabeth Road, Walthamstow.

Her beloved pet has been missing for 18 days and Amanda believes he must have left the immediate area as she has visited almost every house in a half mile radius looking for him.

She said: “Zorg is like a big baby, extremely gentle and trusting, very loving, curious and affectionate. He is my family and his disappearance has just left me bereft.

East London and West Essex Guardian Series:

Zorg has been missing for 18 days, Photo: Amanda

"Zorg had never left the garden - I believe my fence was kicked in and that's how he disappeared. I've put flyers all over the surrounding areas and spoken to neighbours and still nothing. It now seems probable he might have been picked up or taken in by somebody.”

Zorg is a large seven-year-old male with white tufts of hair in his ears, green eyes, and a prominent nose.

He has been microchipped with a foreign chip listed with a UK chip company and is neutered.

Anyone who sees Zorg or can provide a photo of him should contact Amanda on 07961726694. The reward is for anyone who finds Zorg or provides information leading to him being found.

Amanda previously called in Animal Search UK’s pet detective team to help search for her missing pet, however the detectives were unable to locate him.