About 7,000 homes have been selected for a wheelie bin pilot in Redbridge.

The borough currently has residents dispose of rubbish using black refuse bags.

Many residents have complained this has often led to rubbish being strewn across the streets by animals who rip the bags.

The pilot scheme, which launches on Monday, February 10, aims to keep streets clean and increase recycling, the council says.

Leader of the council, Jas Athwal, tweeted to say the pilot was the result of the council being 'freed' from a previous waste contract.

Redbridge currently throws away the fifth highest amount of waste in England.

Council officials estimate a borough-wide introduction of wheelie bins could potentially reduce some of the £18 million the council spends each year on collecting 22 million black sacks.

The council added it was concerned “irresponsible businesses” are currently using the free residential collection, rather than paying for a business waste collection, and called for an end to the practice.

Councillor John Howard, cabinet member for civic pride, said: “A key aim of the scheme is to keep our streets cleaner - containing rubbish in a wheelie bin will prevent animals and birds ripping open bags and making a mess in our streets, which is unpleasant for everyone and costly to clean up. Using wheelie bins for rubbish will also help keep people’s front gardens clean.

“We’re testing the scheme to make sure that the bins reduce refuse tonnages and work for householders as intended, and we’re eager to hear residents’ views.”

The council hopes the new 180-litre grey wheelie bins will help it reach its goal of increasing the borough’s recycling rate by 50 per cent.

Former MP for Ilford South welcomed the news saying it would "significantly reduce the rubbish on our streets caused by foxes and cats opening black sacks."

The trail was agreed following a survey in October 2018, where the majority of residents said it would be helpful to have a bin to store their rubbish.

Homes in the following wards have been selected for the pilot: Bridge, Fairlop, Loxford, Seven Kings, and Wanstead Village.

More information about the scheme can be found online.