Meet the self-proclaimed ‘Beyoncé of Waltham Forest’.

Leanne Amaning, from Waltham Forest, is competing on the new winter series of Love Island which kicked off last night (Sunday, January 12).

The smash hit ITV reality show is back and this time it’s in Cape Town, South Africa.

Hosted by Laura Whitmore, contestants will flirt, date, break up and make in a battle to capture the hearts of each other - and the nation – for a chance of winning a share of the £50,000 prize money.

The 22-year-old customer service advisor, who describes herself as “unpredictable, fun and charismatic”, joins this year’s roster of young love hopefuls.

Leanne claims to be the “Beyoncé of Waltham Forest” and says she is “the life and soul of every single party.”

However, Leanne has never had a proper boyfriend, only ‘situationships’ – which she describes as being with someone but without the label.

The Waltham Forest native says she is “afraid of commitment” but has joined the show to help change her ways.”

Leanna was the last of the first five girls in the villa to ‘couple up’, having not stepped forward for any of the first four boys.

Describing her perfect man, she said: “Someone who is rugged and manly, not anyone with a pretty face. I also want someone loyal and trustworthy.”

Eventually, she paired up with policeman Mike Boateng, 24, from London.

The pair seemed to get along well, however when asked if she would have a wondering eye before the show, Leanna said: “We’ll have to see. Depends how much I like someone. If I don’t like you that much then I’m not loyal.”