If Will Podmore reads my last letter more carefully, he will see that in no way did I deny that the election was about Brexit (Give us what we voted for, January 9).

I said it was not only about Brexit, and surely that is unarguable.

It was, after all, a general election, to install a government for the next five years, to make decisions on everything from financing the NHS to pressing the red button on our Trident nuclear submarines.

Indeed. Mr Podmore in effect concedes this in his last paragraph, where he refers to the need to reject austerity policies and laissez-faire policies. I agree. Though how he expects to achieve this since it was Tory governments from 2010 that pursued such policies, while it was Labour under Jeremy Corbyn that opposed them from the beginning.

I would prefer in future to focus much more on these and other issues than going over the same old Brexit.

Frank Jackson

Kingsmoor Road, Harlow