A woman has reached her dream weight after losing six and a half stone.

When Kelly spotted herself in the background of the picture her heart sank and she realised that was it.

She knew her clothes were getting tighter but seeing this picture was the reality check she needed. Enough was enough.

East London and West Essex Guardian Series:

Kelly decided to make a change after spotting herself in a photo.

That was back in March 2019 and now Kelly has reached her dream weight.

“I had noticed my clothes getting tighter and some of them I couldn’t get some past my knees. It was really getting me down especially as I had just started a new relationship and hated that I couldn’t wear the clothes I felt confident in. My daughter took a photo and I noticed myself in the background, at first, I couldn’t believe it was me, I couldn’t believe how much weight I had put on. Seeing it made it real and I decided I wanted to do something about it.

“I just love how much choice I have when it to food. It doesn’t feel like a diet at all because nothing is off limits. Its just a different way of living. Delicious, normal food! I just love making my favourite spaghetti bolognaise, I couldn’t believe I could eat pasta and lose weight with Slimming World.

“From the moment I walked through those doors I was made to feel so welcome. That first night back I was so nervous, there was no need, everyone there made me feel so at ease. Every week I love hearing from others that had lose weight, it inspires me.”

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