Redbridge Labour councillors are calling for an investigation following allegations of antisemitism at a party meeting.

In a twitter post, Alex Holmes, vice chair of the Ilford South Constituency Labour Party, alleged he was called an “agent of a foreign power” after speaking against a motion condemning the Board of Deputies of British Jew at a Cranbrook and Valentines Labour branch meeting on January 13.

Mr Holmes alleges the motion claimed that there was 'no antisemitism in the Labour Party'.

The 21-year-old added: “Proposers used multiple antisemitic tropes to make their point that the Board of Deputies is a 'Tory organisation' 'illegally interfering in the Labour leadership contest'”

On January 14, Redbridge Labour councillors voted to call for the chair and chief executive of Ilford South CLP to launch an immediate investigation.

In a statement on Twitter, the group said: “The Redbridge Labour Group were extremely concerned to hear that a young party member felt intimidated and bullied…

“In addition, we are led to believe antisemitic tropes were directed at the member because of his objection to a motion. It is also cause for concern that any members would use a motion to call for Labour Party leadership candidates to disengage with, and reject any requests, from the Board of Deputies, widely considered the foremost Jewish organisation in the UK.

“Our party’s ethos has always been to stand up to bigotry and abuse in all its forms, and anyone found to have acted in this manner must be met with a zero-tolerance approach.”

Councillors Farah Hussain, Khayer Chowdhury and Varinder Singh, took to twitter to post a group statement condemning the motion: “Let us be clear: We utterly condemn this motion and believe all accusations of abuse and antisemitism should be investigated. There is no place for antisemitism in the Labour party and we expect swift action to be taken against anyone responsible.”

On Twitter, newly elected Ilford South MP, Sam Tarry said he had spoken to members present at the meeting.

He added: “There are conflicting accounts of what happened and what was said. The allegations are very serious and should be looked at carefully. If any allegation is upheld, there should be absolutely zero tolerance.”