City Hall is “institutionally biased” against outer London, a London Assembly member has claimed.

Conservative Steve O’Connell – who represents Croydon and Sutton – said it was “patently obvious” that Sadiq Khan is “letting down” his residents.

He claimed successive Mayors have “neglected” outer London in favour of the city centre.

The Mayor has spent on average almost £250 million more on inner London boroughs since 2016, according to an Assembly report last year.

The average central borough has received nearly £600 million under Mr Khan, compared to just over £365 million for outer London councils.

Newham has been given almost £2.12 billion – more than any other council area.

Without its contribution, the outer London average drops to less than £265 million.

Sutton has received just £16 million, Barnet just shy of £37 million, and Bromley only £43 million.

Speaking at Mayor’s Question Time on Thursday, Mr O’Connell said: “I think it’s fair to say that residents in outer and south east London in particular feel the GLA is institutionally biased in favour of zones one, two and three.”

He admitted that “no mayor is blameless” but claimed Mr Khan has “failed” to “rebalance” the problem.

But the Mayor claimed the Assembly’s report on his spending, though independent, was “poor” because it failed to take into account revenue spending.

This is normally money for shorter term projects, such as maintenance and repairs.

The Assembly measured capital spending, which is a long term investment and often involves a bigger chunk of cash.

The Mayor said the report “also failed to recognise the benefits other parts of London receive from an investment in one part of London”.

But he admitted it was “quite fair” to recognise “the institutional biases of City Hall towards outer London”.

Mr Khan said: “I infer from the institutional bias that it also refers to previous Mayors and previous administrations.

“I think that’s a recognition in the question and the questioner of the institutional bias.

“That’s one of the reason I thought he’d welcome me changing the policies of the previous mayors.

“On the one hand he’s saying they’ve been biased against outer London, and on the other hand he’s criticising me for changing their policies that have led to the bias.”

He added: “When I was elected I said I’d be the Mayor for all Londoners and that’s what I’m doing.”