Political leaders have reacted with shock and anger to the triple stabbing in Seven Kings on Sunday night which left three dead.

Three men in their 20s and 30s were stabbed to death in Elmstead Road, Seven Kings, at about 7.30pm on Sunday, January 19.

Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, described the incident as “horrific” and called for improved Government funding to help end the “evil scourge of knife crime that continues to plague our entire country.”

Mr Khan said: “The only way to tackle violent crime for good is with a laser-like focus on catching criminals by being tough on crime and, just as importantly, by addressing the root underlying causes of violence such as poverty, inequality and social alienation.

He added: “This will require a huge increase in Government funding for public services including the police, youth services, schools, sports facilities and local councils. There is simply no other solution to his problem.”

Ilford South MP, Sam Tarry, said he was “deeply shocked and saddened” by the deaths of the three men.

He said: “My heart goes out to their loved ones, who are now having to come to terms with their tragic and unnecessary deaths.

The newly elected Labour MP joined Mr Khan’s calls for improved Government funding to combat violence crime.

He added: “While I have no desire to politicise this issue, it is clear that the loss of tens of thousands of police officers, which have left the lowers number on our streets for 40 years, has had a clear and devastating impact. That, combined with the closure of hundreds if youth clubs across the capital, swinging cuts to mental health services and rising levels of deprivation and inequality, drive worsening levels of knife crime with a ferocity previously unknown across London.

“The Government must now radically overhaul its approach by tackling the underlying causes, putting investment and resources where they are needed and addressing stabbing as a public health issue, if it is to put an end to this brutal scourge of knife crime once and for all.”

Last year Mr Khan set up the capital’s Violence Reduction Unit, as part of his public health approach to crime.

Modelled on successful projects in Glasgow and America, the unit brings together health workers, local councils, probation services, police, and community groups to tackle violence in London.

Leader of Redbridge Council, Cllr Jas Athwal, described Sunday night’s killings as “deeply distressing.”

In a statement on Twitter he said: “Deeply saddened by the deaths of three young men in Seven Kings as a result of knife crime. I have asked for extra police resources. The Mayor has promised every help that is needed and the council will assist in any way it can.”