The NHS trust running Whipps Cross says the hospital’s rebuild will implement efficiency improvements to help it provide for the area’s growing population - despite a reduction in total beds.

Barts Health NHS Trust says improvements such as faster access to specialist treatment, same-day test results, and increased care closer to home could result in 12 per cent fewer hospital admissions.

The catchment population for Whipps Cross projected to grow by 11 per cent over the next decade; the over-65 population is expected to increase by a quarter.

The trust’s medical director insists efficiency improvements, implemented when the hospital is rebuilt, can result in patients spending on average one day less in hospital than they do now.

Dr Heather Noble, medical director at Whipps Cross, said: “This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for us to redesign hospital services to put the patient at the centre and help people stay at home wherever possible.

“We are already adopting these principles, for example with our new Urgent Treatment Centre in A&E. This directs patients to the most appropriate treatment for their need, and ensures that those who require specialist care treated and discharged safely and promptly.”

Prospective plans would also see fewer patients attend outpatients in person in favour of more virtual clinics - meaning patients would not have to travel to hospital to speak to clinicians, instead using video and tele-conferencing technology.

Whipps Cross will receive £350m Government funding to be rebuilt, as one of six hospitals across the country to benefit form a £2.7b cash injection.

There has yet to be any confirmation on the number of beds the rebuild will have, but it is understood there will be fewer than its current incarnation – 636 beds.