A family-of-six who spent Christmas apart after they were forced to leave their temporary home are now living in a one-bedroom flat.

Antonin Lhotak, 31, and his wife and four kids were told to leave their Edmonton home of more than a year on December 6.

The family previously lived in Chingford but had to move to Edmonton in November 2018 due to concerns for their safety.

He says the council repeatedly tried to house them in homes unsuitable for his disabled wife and that they have been sharing the one-bedroom for five weeks, with no idea when they will be moved.

Mr Lhotak said: "They told us it was just for the time being but we have been here for nearly six weeks now with no updates.

"It's really small, we are all on single beds."

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Monika Sliskova, 51, suffers from rheumatoid arthritis that leaves her reliant on a wheelchair and dependent on him for 24-hour care, and is one of eight people enrolled in a decades-long medical trial at Whipps Cross.

This means the family refused to relocate to Stoke-on-Trent, where Monika would have to travel almost 150 miles to the hospital, or to live in two separate flats in Leytonstone, where Monika would be on her own with two of their children.

Describing his earlier housing issues, Mr Lhotak said: “The process is completely against us. We have nowhere to stay and whatever they give us we are meant to accept it but they do not consider my wife’s medical problems.

“They did not explain why we had to leave Edmonton if they had nothing else arranged. I have even tried to rent privately but everywhere asks for guarantors or six months' rent and I cannot afford that.

“I don’t believe it’s fair to treat a family like this.”

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The family spent Christmas and the New Year separately, with the children staying with relatives in London and Mr Lhotak and his wife staying with others in Wolverhampton.

On January 9, Mr Lhotak claims he was offered and signed a contract for a three-bedroom home in Erith but that they were told the place was unavailable only minutes later.

It was after this that the family was offered accommodation in Leytonstone, where they and their children - two boys aged 18 and 17 and two girls aged 15 and seven - would have to live in separate flats.

Mr Lhotak filed an appeal in November and a spokesperson for Waltham Forest Council said a statutory review of his case was currently underway.

A spokesperson from Waltham Forest Council said: “A statutory review has been requested in this case. The timescale for this review is 56 days.

“During this time the council will continue to investigate options to accommodate the family, taking into account their specific needs. We will not be able to comment further until the review process is complete.”

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