Children across the country are putting up pictures of rainbows in their windows to spread a bit of cheer during the coronavirus outbreak.

The trend began online and many schools are now encouraging their pupils to display the paintings by their windows.

Many pupils, who have had to stay at home after schools were shut on Friday, are hoping their colourful creations can be enjoyed by other families going for a walk to stretch their legs.

It is part of a national campaign called Chase the Rainbow.

But if you don't have any paints or felt tips to create your own rainbow then we have a solution for you.

Rainbows of any size, design, or artistic ability are encouraged to be displayed.

If you want to get involved, we've got three designs you can choose from.

Download them here and then print them out and put them in your window.

rainbow designs.docx

If you do go out for a walk to find rainbows in windows near you, remember that you should stay two metres apart from anybody else going for a stroll.

Have you got a rainbow in your window? Or have you seen one in your area? Send us your photos and tell us where the picture was taken