By now, hundreds of thousands of people will have lost jobs, or been laid off.

The welfare state is under resourced already. It will not cope with the extra demand.

Sick pay from day 1 is still going through Parliament, and people are scared now.

There is some good news for many, but the self employed, and zero-hours workers are left behind.

The best policies were forced on the Government by Labour, and the unions.

Nationalisation is taking place, but remember what was said before the election - that it would bankrupt us.

It is funny how socialism works for big business in times of crisis.

Sick and disabled people need more support now, and we seem to have forgotten about those affected by the floods.

Jeremy Corbyn and the shadow cabinet must be installed as part of the machinery, for national unity.

As a benefits adviser, I see people every day struggling to survive, only to be joined by possibly millions more.

The NHS, and social care, starved of funds, for years, is doing its very best. Celebrate that, Boris.

The state needs strengthening with an urgency never seen before.

Gary Martin

Carr Road, Walthamstow