This week, the UK has entered coronavirus “lockdown” with stricter rules about leaving the house.

Almost 600 people in Britain have died of Covid-19, with 11,600 confirmed cases.

Life is changing fast for everyone – and on Wednesday night, polling by JL Partners for ITV’s Peston provided the latest snapshot of how the nation is coping.

But how do Londoners feel? And how are our views changing? Here are five takeaways from the latest survey in the capital.


1. Londoners are a lot more worried about coronavirus this week


As deaths rise and lockdown measures intensify, Londoners – like the rest of the country – are getting more concerned about Covid-19.

A total of 56 per cent are now very worried about their own health, up from 43 per cent a week ago.

Almost three quarters are very anxious about their family, up from two thirds. 

And 70 per cent are very worried about the health of the country as a whole – last week, that figure was 61 per cent.


2. We’re more worried about the economics than the rest of the country


There’s anxiety about the financial impact of coronavirus across the UK – but Londoners are particularly concerned: 78 per cent of us are very worried, compared to 73 per cent elsewhere.

Half are worried about their own finances, compared to 46 per cent of people in Britain as a whole.

And that’s a big jump in the capital – last week, just 38 per cent were very anxious about their incomes, and 62 per cent about the economy.


3. More stockpiling in the capital – but most people are following the rules


A huge 42 per cent of Londoners admit to stock-piling food – compared to just a third of the country as a whole.

But most people in the capital have listened to the Government: 80 per cent are avoiding public transport, 86 per cent are won’t go to crowded places, 89 per cent have stopped meeting friends, and 92 per cent are washing their hands more often.


4. Londoners back the lockdown – but we’re less supportive 


Coronavirus restrictions may be hard, but most people in the city back it – 71 per cent agree that the country needs full lockdown now.

Some 83 per cent of Londoners think non-essential shops should be closed, and 56 per cent back closing parks.

But we are behind the UK average, where 76 per cent back lockdown, 87 per cent want shops closed, and 61 per cent want parks to shut.

And while 67 per cent of Londoners are happy with army or police enforcement, a huge 75 per cent of the UK as a whole back that action.


5. We are more optimistic about the long-term


Almost two thirds of Londoners now think coronavirus will affect their lives for at least a year – but that is down from 85 per cent last week.

And there is the same pattern of rising optimism about the impact on our personal finances.

More than half thought the economy would suffer for at least a year last week, but now that’s down to just less than a third.

We are even more hopeful about our holidays – only 60 per cent think we will be affected for a year or more, down from more than three quarters.

The Government has now (March 23) ordered everyone to stay at home unless absolutely necessary to fight the spread of Coronavirus. You can find the latest guidance here. Advice on the virus from Public Health England is available here.