A local community association has taken matters to their own hands to feed neglected homeless people during the coronavirus pandemic.

Members of the British Pakistani Christian Association decided to take action after numerous support groups providing food for the homeless in Ilford had to shut due to the loss of volunteers self-isolating during the outbreak.

The group obtained permission to hand out thirty pre-made meals within thirty minutes at the carpark of the Prince of Wales pub on Green Lane.

Precautions were taken to prevent further spread of the virus, including disinfecting the serving table and ensuring the queue for meals maintained a gap of 6ft.

Four further meals were also handed out to other homeless people by Redbridge library.

East London and West Essex Guardian Series:

People were told to distance themselves during queues to ensure the virus does not spread.

Juliet Chowdhry said: “Our work with the homeless, though relatively new to the area, is already being recognised for its community value.

“That is because we have always taken input from the end-users who have learned to trust and want to make this project work.

“We are now feeding close to 30 people every week and that number is growing despite the Covid-19 pandemic, because many of our visitors have no other option.

“With the loss of many groups who took on similar work for this vulnerable community, our work has become more essential.

“We assess our operation every week and will continue to help our clients, until the government prohibits us.

“The local and national police and our local authority are kept abreast of our work – so we can ensure it continues to be safe and unhampered.”

The association started its foodbank earlier this year to feed families in need.

Now they are working to continue helping people affected by the virus, including an elderly man who is self-isolating and unable to get the supplies that he desperately needs.

She added: “We are only able to serve the needy in our community because of the kind donations of our supporters. Never have we needed your support more than during this pandemic.”

To donate to the association, visit here: https://britishpakistanichristians.worldsecuresystems.com/donate.