In trying to social distance along Forest Road on the way to the shops it is sometimes necessary to go into a cycle lane to be clear of oncoming pedestrians. There are two cycle lanes on both sides of the road and they half the space for pedestrians.

Twice in the past week I have encountered aggressive cyclists who pedal at great speed and assume the lane should be clear for them.

Today, I was sworn at by a cyclist as I tried to cross the road near Blackhorse Road as there are roadworks there and the path for pedestrians becomes extremely narrow. He was not near me as I stepped onto the cycle lane as I checked but zoomed up and braked before swearing.

In these times, surely everyone should be more considerate as to the need to social distance when out, which is what I was trying to do and what are the rules for cycle lanes? Should not cyclists slow down to allow pedestrians to pass each other safely?

There may well be an accident there or indeed an aggressive cyclist may get involved in a fracas over this. I believe you will observe such selfish behaviour on any day from certain cyclists who believe the lane is theirs alone for high speed travel.

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