Your correspondent Chris Sumner can challenge Brexit as much as he likes but it is already the law in Britain and in the EU: we have left, we are a former member state. Compliance with EU regulations will end this year when we may have agreements for future trade and cooperation. Unfortunately, after spending the referendum campaign in 2016 and the nearly four years since then pushing out scare stories, the EU seems unprepared and unable to come to the table with effective proposals.

The fear stories Mr Sumner seeks to resurrect were considered and rejected by the majority that voted for Brexit but his anti-Americanism is more brazen than his fellow Remainers usually let slip and it is unattractive. It seems the cooperation with other nations which Mr Sumner favours does not extend beyond the EU and then only as a subordinate member state.

Covid-19 is an unexpected and unwelcome disruption and we will need maximum flexibility and enterprise to recover our economy and rebuild social organisations; we do not need instructions and restrictions from the EU which was struggling to avoid recession even before the virus appeared.

The voters chose Brexit and the current government was elected on a promise to deliver. After almost four years of distraction and deceit it is time for politicians to respect the referendum result.

Andrew Smith

Hemnall Street, Epping