Thousands have backed a campaign demanding that essential healthcare workers are provided personal protective equipment (PPE).

The campaign initiated by Waltham Forest Trades Council has seen thousands of Waltham Forest residents backing the call to support essential workers.

Representatives of the Waltham Forest Mutual Aid groups, Waltham Forest Workers’ coronavirus support group and the Leyton & Wanstead Labour party are among those backing the campaign.

The campaign aims to distribute a regular and safe supply of PPE to every worker who needs it, following over at least a hundred deaths of healthcare workers who died from Covid-19.

According to tributes issued by hospital trusts, more than 170 frontline NHS and care workers across the UK have died after contracting Covid-19, but it is believed there may be more unannounced deaths.

The Unite branch at Whipps Cross Hospital has previously expressed fears about the scarcity of PPE, saying that even when supplies are delivered, they are not distributed to every ward.

Some workers have also been given expired masks, an issue which has faced many UK hospitals since the start of the pandemic.

But Martin Goodsell, of the Unite East London Community branch, is saying that they need to look after care workers too, as care homes across the UK have admitted a poor of supply of PPE to its workers.

Tom Taylor, the organising committee member, said: “Thousands of Waltham Forest residents have shown their appreciation for the fantastic job done by essential workers on Thursday evenings.

“Now we can repay them by supporting the ‘WF United for PPE’ campaign.”

The campaign will also be commemorating those who have given their lives in helping to save others.

Organising Committee member, Sonali Bhattacharya, explained: “A very moving tribute to some of those health and social care workers who have died from the Covid-19 virus was held locally on Workers’ Memorial Day.

“Since then, even more workers have died. We will be organising an online memorial to them and will involve local people in commemorating their loss. No one should risk their lives just to go to work.”

The government are continuing efforts to supply PPE to healthcare workers, as they announced that the UK are set to receive millions of PPE items over the coming months thanks to collaborations with companies including Amazon, Jaguar Land Rover and more.

Health Secretary Matt Hancock said: “The support from businesses who accepted this challenge has been phenomenal.

“International demand for PPE has never been so high, and we are now working with over 1,000 businesses and establishing a British manufacturing base, which will see tens of millions of extra items of PPE delivered to the frontline in the coming weeks alone.”

Anyone who wants to find out more about the campaign can visit