A woman has told of the ‘awful’ moment she realised a cyclist was trapped beneath a car following a crash at a busy roundabout.

Theresa O’Sullivan was one of the first people on the scene of the crash at Charlie Brown’s Roundabout in South Woodford last weekend.

“I saw a bike lying crushed and thought it had been dumped but this seemed odd as it was in the second lane of the roundabout”, she explained.

“I then saw a car 10 metres away which was across two lanes and realised there had been a crash but was no sign of the cyclist. I then realised the driver was screaming hysterically and it clicked, the cyclist must be trapped beneath the car.

“I checked and saw the cyclist crushed beneath the car. He was calling out, it was awful.”

Ms O’Sullivan flagged down approaching cars calling for “strong people" to help lift the vehicle.

“It was incredible as every single person stopped with care and compassion and found the strength to lift the car”, she continued.

Ten minutes later the police and ambulance services arrived.

Ms O’Sullivan says she wants to thank the “heroic members of the public who helped save the cyclist’s life.”

“Rambo, who coordinated lifting the car along with Mr Andrius. This was split second decision making and Rambo lived up to his name! Renata who had dropped her husband at work stopped and comforted the cyclist while we waited for medics. She was second on the scene.

“An elderly Muslim gentleman who offered care and comfort, a bus driver who assisted with traffic, lifting and caring for the injured man. A young woman who stopped to offer any help and then moved on to keep the road clear for emergency services.”

Police were called to the scene at 7.52 am on Sunday, July 26 to reports of a collision involving a car and cyclist.

The cyclist was airlifted to an east London hospital with injuries said to be “not life-threatening”.