Without a doubt, the pandemic has seen the emergence of some wonderful people and I have to pay tribute to those who have been caring for vulnerable people here in Epping Forest district.

Their efforts to support their clients have been absolutely marvellous and I have personally witnessed them struggling through terrible weather conditions to ensure the safety of people who rely solely on their help.

To be honest, I am dismayed at seeing insignificant people receiving honours while these beautiful caring people are overlooked and ignored. These wonderful people, along with those in the health service, have borne the brunt of this terrible pandemic and they deserve more than a clap for their brave and selfless efforts.

It is time this country honoured its ‘real’ heroes and we could start by giving them the recognition they deserve. Is it beyond the ability of this country to reward them, to see that they are given a wage that reflects their true value?

That is what I wish for them and I hope that when they return home from a gruelling day’s work that they realise that there are many people like myself who hold them in the highest regard.

Tom Benfield

By email