Redbridge Council is urging for residents to assure their voter registration details are updated.

By law, every Council must conduct a full electoral canvass of all residential properties every year.

Consequently, the council is hoping that electoral canvas forms are completed and returned as soon as possible to assure voter registration details remain current and accurate.

But with the Covid-19 pandemic dampening on other global issues and duties, the council hope that people do not lose sight of the importance of keeping voting details up to date.

In the event that residents don't respond, the Council must send a reminder and make a phone call, as well as potentially visiting each property to confirm that they have all the required information to keep the Register of Electors up to date.

Andy Donald, Returning Officer at Redbridge Council, said: "Residents must respond as soon as possible to make sure we have the correct details on the electoral register for every address in Redbridge. It will also ensure they can exercise their democratic right and vote in future elections. Please ensure you check the form when it arrives and respond as soon as you can.

“I urge everyone to respond by telephone, text message, or online, as this is the quickest way to respond. It also avoids the Council from having to visit your property during the current Covid-19 situation."

If you're not currently registered, your name will not appear on the form. If you want to register, the easiest way is online at, or we'll send you information explaining how to do this in the post.

People who have moved addresses recently are particularly encouraged to keep an eye out for the form and check the details.

Residents who have any questions can contact Redbridge Electoral Services at or contact 0208 708 7171.