Cows “with many years of public grazing experience” will be coming to Wanstead Park.

The park is trialling the reintroduction of cows roaming and grazing a small portion of the area during September and October.

The Friends of Wanstead Parklands says the cattle will stick around in front of the Temple at the park.

Grazing management has already been used across Epping Forest, by utilising collar technology.

Each cow is equipped with a GPS that emits a sound once it reaches a boundary.

The cows are trained to react to the sound and stick within their boundary.

The Friends of Wanstead Parklands boast that these cows are "well experienced" with many years of public grazing.

Paul Donovan said: "It is great to see the cows coming back to the park. I remember them as a kid, roaming across the area – including into local gardens.

“This though will be different with the cattle restricted to an area near the Temple. It is a great piece of rewilding by the Corporation of London and good news for Redbridge.”

This is not the first time cows could be found at Wanstead Park, as cattle roaming the park were a common sight nearly two decades ago.