MIRANDA Grell's future in the Labour Party is in doubt.

Grell is facing expulsion from the party after her appeal against a conviction for smearing an electoral rival failed yesterday.

Dr Greg Eglin, chairman of Leyton and Wanstead Constituency Labour Party, said: "This is very serious for Miranda Grell. She has been suspended since charges were first brought, and the party will now consider her future.

"The case has been about the conduct of one member. Labour's record is one of promoting gay and lesbian rights, and we affirm our commitment to opposing discrimination in all forms."

Grell works as an aide to Labour Greater London Authority member Nicky Gavron, but was suspended following her conviction in September.

She was also suspended as a councillor in September after being found guilty of making false statements about another candidate under the Representation of the People Act.

Although the Labour Party was believed to have initially agreed to pay the £30,000 appeal costs, more recent reports suggest they withdrew the offer after taking legal advice.