I was infuriated by your front-page story “Restaurant staff threat over tips” (Epping Forest Guardian, October 1). Not only by the behaviour of the Melin Chigwell owner but also by his lack of understanding of the word “tip”.

If I have received good service from the waiter/waitress at a restaurant, I will give a tip. This has nothing to do with the restaurant owner but is a “thank you” to the person who served me. I want this tip to go to that particular person, not to be shared with other staff or to go into the pocket of the owner.

Similarly, if I have not received good service, I will not leave a tip.

To be threatened with being taken into the basement for providing a service which has pleased a customer, is quite disgusting. If I was a waiter at that restaurant and had received such a threat, it would be me, not the owner, who would be calling the police.

Ray Brown

by email