I was very pleased to read your article concerning the ‘food for you’ project being run by the Rotary Club.

I was asked by a vulnerable person if I would take them to the Loughton project as they were unable to use public transport.

What a nice experience it was. The people there were so kind and caring and they provided my neighbour with many essential items.

They didn’t ask for personal details and worked under the presumption that you simply attended because you needed a little extra help in these difficult times.

So I would urge anyone finding things a bit difficult to take up this opportunity being offered by these kind and caring people.

There is no stigma attached to receiving kindness and as someone who came through the war years I can say that kindness was a lifesaver, especially to large families who couldn’t survive on war rations alone.

I can remember the times we didn’t have a slice of bread in the home and our mum would give us a piece of firewood to chew to stave off the hunger.

That devastating situation doesn’t exist today but I know many people will be struggling so please accept the help that is there to bide you over.

So a big thank you to the Rotary Club and to all the other projects helping to ease the burdens that this terrible pandemic is creating.

Tom Benfield

by email