A meeting to decide if an Ilford Lane takeaway can open later was adjourned after the business’ lawyer asked for the addresses of everyone who objected.

BIM’s burger restaurant currently closes at 11pm but has asked Redbridge Council’s licensing committee for permission to open until midnight on weeknights and until 1am on weekends.

Owner Karim Zigheche applied for the exact same hours in July this year but was rejected after residents raised concerns about littering and anti-social behaviour.

The business successfully submitted a “temporary event notice” to open for the desired hours on September 18 to 20 as a “trial run” to prove closing later would not cause issues.

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BIM's on Ilford Lane (Linda Speedwell)

At a licensing meeting this morning (October 27), BIM’s lawyer David Dadds asked to be given the names and addresses of all 22 people who objected to the application.

He explained he wanted the addresses to demonstrate how many objections were from residents living within 50 metres of the business, arguing others were less relevant.

David Dadds told the committee the names and addresses “should have been provided in the first place in accordance with the law”.

Responding to concerns raised by councillors about privacy, he added: “If you make an objection, your name bears on it.

“You are making a declaration of the truth and you are putting your name and address to it.

“Only in exceptional circumstances should the name and address be withheld, I do not believe consent needs to be given.”

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One resident due to speak at the meeting, Eamonn Lorimer, argued there was a risk objectors could be “intimidated” by the business owner if they did not get the desired result.

However, Mr Dadds responded he was happy not to share the information with the owner and objected to the suggestion Mr Zigheche would intimidate residents.

One objector, Hakan Ibrahim, wrote: “We are a small family with a newborn baby and two children under five, and the level of noise coming from the customers of this shop during the evening is preventing us all from sleeping.

“There is loud talking, closing and opening of car doors, revving, and music coming from their customers and suppliers.

“We are constantly finding their branded food packaging in our front garden, driveway and even back-garden, which burdens us with the task of collecting and disposing of this every time when it shouldn't be our responsibility.”

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Cllr Helen Coomb (Lab, Clementswood), one of three councillors to object, told the committee allowing BIM’s to open later would increase litter, inconsiderate parking and noise.

She added: “The queue outside and the customers inside are not managed well enough to make sure of social distancing measures against COVID-19.”

Earlier this month, police were forced to defend fining the restaurant £1,000 for serving a customer four minutes past the newly-introduced 10pm curfew.

Council officers will now ask objectors if they still wish to object knowing their address will be shared or if they have exceptional circumstances that justify it being withheld.

The meeting was adjourned until November 23.

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