Redbridge Tennis Club is at risk of closing as an operator of tennis facilities across England fears local tiered restrictions could financially impact centres.

The Lawn Tennis Association (LTA) is calling for an urgent Sports Recovery Fund to save community indoor tennis centres including the club at Forest Road, Ilford, as the national governing body for tennis fears at least a third of indoor centres could face closure.

While the Government recently announced a £100 million investment in public leisure centres, the LTA believe that without more comprehensive support through a Sports Recovery Fund, jobs and tennis facilities may be protected in the coming months.

Despite being allowed to reopen between July and August, most of the 54 indoor centres continue to operate at a loss, which could worsen in areas where stricter restrictions could be imposed.

Restrictions in Tier 2 and Tier 3 areas mean adults are unable to play against anyone outside their household bubble on indoor courts, despite the socially distanced nature of the sport.

John Golding, LTA Head of Region for London & South East, said: “Facilities like Redbridge Tennis Centre play a pivotal role in supporting mental and physical health among people of a range of ages, abilities and disabilities.

“We have been delighted with the increase in participation in our sport this summer, but are very concerned about the future of Community Indoor Tennis Centres that are so crucial to helping open up the sport to more people all year round.

“While we welcome the recent Government announcement regarding investment into public leisure, this money will be spread thinly across a huge range of publicly owned sport and leisure facilities.”

He continued: “The current restrictions across Britain still mean the number of people who can use these centres is significantly less than in normal circumstances, which will continue to have a huge impact on their financial viability as we move into a difficult winter.

“We are calling for Government to deliver a Sports Recovery Fund, which is urgently needed to help protect these facilities over the coming months.”