In this dark time of lockdown and Covid, it’s good to hear some news which offers hope for our future.

On October 24, Honduras became the 50th state to ratify the new global ban on nuclear weapons.

This means that from January 22 the making, storage and use of these fearful weapons of mass destruction will be banned under international law - like cluster bombs and chemical and biological weapons.

CND (Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament) needs the help of people in East London boroughs to get our government - one of only nine states with nuclear bombs - to engage with the new treaty.

We would ask you to contact your councillor to get our local councils to join towns and cities all around the world to back the new treaty.

Global pressure can force the governments to scrap nuclear weapons. We can then use the resources freed up to tackle local and world poverty and climate change, pandemics and improve the well-being of all the world’s peoples.

Nigel Norman,

Redbridge CND