Redbridge Council was ordered to pay £3,500 compensation after it housed a homeless family of four in a single hotel room outside London for more than a year.

The amount was decided by the local government ombudsman on August 11, after investigating a complaint by a mum-of-three identified only as “Mrs B” for privacy reasons.

In January 2018, Mrs B was evicted from her privately rented Redbridge home after a dispute with her landlord, who she alleged refused to fix a leak in the roof she reported in June 2017.

She applied to be housed by the council, which placed her and her three children in a single hotel room outside London while it considered her case.

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The ombudsman found Redbridge Council took eight months to decide whether to house Mrs B, adding: “I can find no satisfactory explanation for the delay.

“There are several gaps in the records suggesting that for weeks at a time the council took no action on Mrs B’s case.

“The council should have considered if it was appropriate for Mrs B to remain in such accommodation for more than three months. It did not do this and this was a fault.”

The hotel room Mrs B’s family was housed in was 12 miles away from their former home, had no cooking facilities and, for several months, only one double bed.

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The ombudsman adds: “The council has also agreed to reflect on the faults in this case and consider how it might avoid a repeat.

“It has told us... there have been backlogs in processing homeless cases and it has a plan of action in place which has resulted in more staffing to reduce this.

“It has further agreed that, as a result of this complaint, it will introduce a short procedure to advise staff on how to review the suitability of interim or temporary accommodation.”

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