“Millions of deaths would not have happened if it weren’t for the consumption of alcohol. The same can be said about millions of births.”

Mokokoma Mokhonoana

Imagine you were a wine lover and you just found out that your mum had played an away match with Jeff Bezos and you were about to come into millions in owed child support; what would you drink this Christmas? Yeah, this is a fantasy column but so what, we’ve been living some sort of alternate reality since March anyway!

I like a white to start Christmas lunch and while my preference would be a sauvignon, I could be tempted with daddy Jeff's cash to plump for a nice Batard Montrachet from Burgundy. I'd go for one about five years old with a nice yellow colour and a nose like hot buttered crumpets. That's always a good way to burn a hole in a hundred or so, but I might also have to have a bottle of Didier Dagenau Sauvignon from the wild man of the Loire on hand as a top-up. Dagenau produce the most intense, eye popping sauvignons in the world. Sorry New Zealand, but you were okay when I was poor and pretending to be rich but now...

The main course would have to be paired with a decent first growth, perhaps Chateau Lafite 1986 or Mouton 1990 (but Opus One), but I'd always have a bottle of Mount Edelstone Shiraz from Australia on hand just in case a younger relative turned up on the day. What do you think so far? I reckon we've blown about a grand of Amazon's profits so far but hey, what the heck, let's get those warehouse staff working harder because we’ve got expectations now.

I always like a Port for Christmas afternoon but now I'm a Bezos, I think I'd add a really old Madeira as well and perhaps even a rare cognac to close the day off. The port would have to be Quinta Noval Nacionale, which is just sublime. I got a measly 2cl tasting sample several years ago but the memory of that caramel like liquid has lasted 20 years. I was supposed to spit out at that tasting by the way, but there was no chance with that one!

As for Madeira, well, where do I start? Let's face it, when you have limitless amounts of cash and your drink of choice is basically immortal, you’ve got to go for the oldest you can find. I recently saw some of Napoleon's stash of Madeira from his time in exile on St Helena so that would be my starting point. I drank a bottle of 1862 Boal last year and it was sublime, but how hedonistic would it be to party over Napoleon's last few bottles? Vive la France! Vive l'Empereur! Vive Bezos!

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