An unusual protest against controversial plans was making our headlines ten years ago this week.

A mass pillow fight took place as protesters campaigned against a new tower block in the centre of Walthamstow.

Campaigners gathered to hold the pillow fight in Station Approach, opposite Walthamstow Central station, in protest at proposals to build the 14-storey hotel tower block.

A council planning committee is meeting on January 20 to decide on the application for the controversial development, next to Walthamstow Central station, by Solum Regeneration, which will also include a block of flats eight storeys high.

Sarah Timewell, 51, a member of the Priory Avenue Residents' Association said the demonstration was very successful.

She said: "There is a great deal of opposition to this monstrous development.

"We are hoping the council will throw it out at the meeting and see sense.

"We feel that the council and the developers have given these proposals very little publicity so as not to attract too much opposition, because a lot of people we have spoken to have never heard about it."

Campaigners are concerned the development is too big and that some of the residential blocks will be too close to existing houses, like those in Priory Avenue, disrupting the view of residents.

Also, they are worried the building work will bring gridlock to nearby streets.

Solum Regeneration said over the past year it has worked with the community to address local concerns by holding public meetings with all interested parties to get feedback.

Simon Rutter from Solum Regeneration said he hoped the council would approve the plans.

He added: "A majority of people told us they welcome the jobs and investment we are offering at the station.

"We have listened carefully to people’s views and reduced the height of the buildings closest to local residents in response.

"Despite this we are still investing £20 million in Walthamstow, offering valuable jobs, new homes and business opportunities to strengthen the town centre."

Ms Timewell said: "We are happy for any development which has a commercial side to it but we want it to be appropriately designed for the location.

"We are desperate for a good quality development but this is not it."

The group plans to hold another protest before the meeting, which is being held at the town hall.