Concerns about plans to redevelop the East London dog racing track were making our headlines ten years ago this week.

The owner of Walthamstow Stadium says it will re-examine its new proposals after residents raised concerns.

An estimated 300 people attended consultation events in Walthamstow and Chingford to see revised plans from London and Quadrant (L&Q).

The housing association wants to build 300 new homes, a leisure centre and other community facilities at the venue in Chingford Road, Chingford, but has faced opposition from residents over the designs.

Campaigners Save Our Stow (SOS) want L&Q to sell the site to millionaire businessman Bob Morton, who has pledged to create housing and a dog racing track.

In a statement, Mike Johnson, L&Q's development director, admitted there was some anxiety about the latest plans.

He said: "We received positive feedback about our new plans.

“However, some residents were concerned about the height of a couple of the buildings and so we will be arranging meetings to discuss this further.

"Some residents were also concerned about the number of parking spaces available, so we will be looking at our plans."

Gavin Jones, a 41-year-old IT manager who lives next to the stadium in Rushcroft Road, admitted to being initially shocked by the plans.

He said: "When I saw the plans I was a bit distressed.

"The designs showed a four-storey terrace block which would be just five metres from the boundary of my back garden, blocking out the sunshine and our fantastic views of the stadium.

"I'm also concerned about the parking.

"L&Q say that some of these homes will be single occupancy but they can't guarantee not everyone will have cars. Where are all these people going to park?"

SOS supporter David Richardson, 63, of Higham Hill in Walthamstow, was also unimpressed.

He said: "There is no leisure industry in Waltham Forest anymore and these plans don't change that. The leisure centre L&Q want to build is just four empty rooms.”

SOS’s Ricky Holloway says L&Q's argument that the development is needed to alleviate the borough's social housing crisis were undermined by the fact that only around 40 per cent of properties will be affordable.

L&Q is yet to confirm when it plans to submit a planning application.